Web Analytics Increases Marketing Accountability

I just read the latest of WebTrends’ insightful, if somewhat salesy, whitepapers: Marketing Performance Management. What really stood out to me is its assertion that Web analytics increases marketing accountability — especially since I live in a country full of marketers who, by Robert Scoble’s standard, should be fired.

Alodia Gosiengfiao with Sword

This goes back to my assertion that GBC babes make better online game endorsers than trad models. Web analytics can directly measure conversions from endorsements on GBC babe Alodia Gosiengfiao’s multiple online presences.

Iya Villania Cosplaying

Pretty as she is, I doubt anyone in Level Up can determine the ROI from the over half a million pesos they spent on trad model Iya Villania.

The paper also echoes Steve Rubel’s prediction that the world will get RSS once it’s in most people’s browsers. With feed analytics, marketers can’t get away with random RSS, either.

Subscriber Growth as of October 2006

Speaking of feed analytics, I’d like to thank my subscribers both old and new. You guys cocreate the Mike Abundo Effect.

(Top photo by Tricia Gosingtian.)

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5 Comments on “Web Analytics Increases Marketing Accountability”
  1. Tricia says:

    OH I was the one who took that first picture of Edjie. ;P

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    Oh, cool! Credited. 🙂

  3. zhel says:

    waaaaa….ang cute nka muse na set tpos little devils wings with rune staff c iya…ilan kya ng set nya? 0_o lolz

  4. Kamen Rider Honou says:

    Alodia = ATENEO
    Iya = LA SALLE

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