Animax Virally Markets Jigoku Shoujo

The anime Jigoku Shoujo (Girl from Hell) features a mysterious website where you can post a grudge at the stroke of midnight. Soon after you post, a young-looking girl arrives to give you a straw doll with a red string around its neck. Pull the red string, and the person you’re pissed at instanly goes to Hell. Caveat: when you die, you join them.

To market the anime’s release in Singapore and the Philippines, Animax Asia put up just that: a website where you can post a grudge around midnight. The person you’re pissed at gets an email notification, and might even post a grudge of their own.

And so, the bitchfest continues. Those who post the best grudges get straw dolls.

I swear, today’s anime are just purposedesigned for viral marketing.

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11 Comments on “Animax Virally Markets Jigoku Shoujo”
  1. heart break kid says:

    when hell girl season 3 is coming up?…plzz some1 tell me?

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