Alodia Caramel Dance Earns YouTube Honor

Alodia Caramel Dance

The Alodia Caramel Dance just made the top 100 most linked videos in YouTube’s People category this month. In a nation where YouTube is king, Filipina GBC babe Alodia Gosiengfiao is Queen of the Caramel Dance.

Hey, Level Up, where’s that sponsored Alodia video blog I requested?

Bonus: Because parody paves the path down The Long Tail, here’s the original song: Caramell’s Caramelldansen.

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8 Comments on “Alodia Caramel Dance Earns YouTube Honor”
  1. Danielle! says:

    This is sadly addictive! But I love it. :]
    I found the loop; don’t have the link anymore, but I listened to the loop for… 15 minutes. teehee. 🙂 Well, great song. o_o

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