Under Construction

This blog came online just minutes ago. It’s still under construction. In the meantime, please visit mikeabundo.blogspot.com. I’ll be announcing this blog’s opening there. Thanks!Click here to continue reading "Under Construction"...

Under Construction

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7 Comments on “Under Construction”
  1. seoluv says:

    ………………………………..congrats to my friend Mike Abundo

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    Thanks, Mike “seoluv” Rogers! We’re still moving; pardon the mess. 😉

  3. jayvee says:

    hmmm that picture looks mighty familiar!! 😀 who took that? hehe

  4. jepoy says:

    booo!! i still love blogspot. :~)

  5. Mike Abundo says:

    Indeed it does look familiar, Jayvee. Thanks! 😀

    Jepoy, you gotta try WordPress. Its extensibility is mindblowing. 😉

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